The Affiliation process is conducted in two phases
1) Introduction and Assessment   
2) Implementation and Certification
The Affiliation process starts with the prospective Club Head Instructor submitting a completed application form to the CSKA.

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Canadian Shotokan Karate Association

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The CSKA is a wholly Canadian association that exists to preserve, advance and represent Canadian contributions to traditional Shotokan Karate based on the JKA methods, traditions and technical standards of Masatoshi Nakayama, Keonosuke Enoeda and Hidetaka Nishiyama established by its founder Sensei John Hanratty. 

The CSKA will represent and provide guidance and standards for like-minded Shotokan Karate Clubs across Canada in the spirit of our guiding principle; to provide ‘Traditional Training for the Serious Student’.   

Our Purpose

The CSKA believes that within Canada there are Shotokan Karateka who are on a peer level with recognized Shotokan practitioners globally and have contributed to developing Shotokan technical skill, teaching methods and application.

These senior level Canadian practitioners should be self represented, not through a singular external figure head but by a wholly Canadian National body developing and disseminating, ideas, information, programs and best practices; providing opportunities to share experiences and ideas to the benefit of its member clubs. 


Programs and best practices will be made available to those Canadian Shotokan Instructors who are affiliated members and aspire to the CSKA’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Good instructors recognize that  continued development and progression cannot be done in isolation but requires exposure to others experiences and ideas to enhance and validate their own research. 

We will interact on a peer level with international organizations and participate directly with those whose technical level and ideals are in line with ours and, where the relationship would be mutually beneficial. 

What We Do

The CSKA Executive work on behalf of the member clubs in developing and disseminating programs for their benefit. They aim to be facilitators of sustainable progress.

The CSKA believes that Traditional Karate is a discipline, a fitness regimen, and a form of self-defense that's useful for all ages. Research shows that Karate offers a myriad of benefits for the body and mind. While the physical benefits and advantages of Karate are apparent, the mental benefits can't be discounted.

The CSKA through its affiliated Club Instructors will offer and make available its style of Shotokan Karate to the widest possible demographic.

Affiliated Member Resources

Instructor Personal Development: • Instructor Course Level C-D 1st. Level instructor certification • Instructor Course Level A-B Advanced Level instructors certification with additional Leadership and Dojo Management modules • CSKA Women’s Self-Defense Seminar Teaching Certification and support materials
Resource Library: • Grading Syllabus and Student Assessment process • The Shotokan Instructor’s Handbook – John Hanratty CSKA (available on Amazon) • CSKA Code of Conduct • CSKA Safeguarding Children Policy • CSKA Dojo HSE Risk Assessment Process • CSKA Tournament Organization, Rules and Forms • CSKA Registration and Waiver Forms • Video library of drills and instruction for all levels
Technical Resources: • Technical Chair John Hanratty 8th. Dan • CSKA Honbu Senior Instructors Roster available for seminars, gradings and focused instruction • Competition Officials training and certification • Regular facilitated Club Instructors interactive meetings • Technical assistance/guidance available to affiliated member club instructors daily online
Growth: • Club listing on CSKA National web site with links and referrals • Recognized as member of a quality organization focused on providing high level instruction • Strategies for building student base • Inclusion in Social Media campaigns in attracting students

Frequently Asked Questions

Will being a Member of the CSKA affect how I operate my Club?

Simply - No ! The CSKA is not a franchise - you are free to operate how it fits best for you. The CSKA provides guidance and assistance to its members in operations through our Instructor Certification program. Our Resource Library is available to you with materials to enhance your operations. The CSKA Directors all have senior management career experience and in managing their own clubs who are available to share their knowledge. Our Membership Agreement does require you follow a 'Code of Conduct' that reflects the ethics inherent in Traditional Karate. 

Can we compete in WKF (or other) competitions?

Members are free to compete in tournaments outside of the CSKA and likewise to participate in other seminars. We encourage CSKA competitive members to represent their Provincial Teams through their Karate Canada Provincial association.


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About us

The CSKA represents and provides guidance and standards for like-minded Shotokan Karate Clubs across Canada in the spirit of our guiding principle; to provide ‘Traditional Training for the Serious Student’.

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